International Relations

A Unified Global Network That Connects Stakeholders in Government, Academia, Media, and Finance.
The right relationships can hyper-accelerate the timeframe from enrollment to launch. Our International Relations program utilizes a trickledown strategy that provides a synergistic and interdependent model that maintains and cultivates long-term collaborations that are built to last.
International Relations
The Next Generation of Truly Multi-Vector, Multilateral, and Multinational Relations: Public Relations:
We offer ongoing briefings, events, summits, and networking receptions for entrepreneurs to collaborate and introduce new strategies and ideas.
International Government Relations
Our international network of government stakeholders offers a unique startup-tostakeholder forum that optimizes strategic connectivity and network building.

Media Relations
Our Accelerator model prioritizes outreach and relationships with synergistic
journalists and media outlets. We work with our partners to create a microcosm of nichefocused journalists who are interested in long-term relationships that offer fruitful win-win

Investor Outreach
We are continuously growing our network of venture capitalists, investors, grant providers, and alternative finance experts. We connect incubators and accelerators to new capital resources to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in attracting and launching game-changing startups and entrepreneurial catalysts.